What is the Fact And Furious platform for, and who is it for :

Nowadays, from a lot of information circulates on the netthe social networksor in the media. It is becoming increasingly difficult to sort through these millions of data uploaded every day. It is with this in mind that'Antoine Daoust, founder of the website Fact &Furious to appear out of nowhere as a hero wanting to save the world from the famous "fake news" of which we would unfortunately be too often a victim (as long as he does not add it himself). The latest? This is precisely where the idea of this article came to us: A judgment on his site based on absolutely not factual elements and propagated like a paper plane would judge that Idris, manager of PremLike would not be in parallel expert in the field of Cyber Security after his passage on TPMP and that his activity will therefore be reduced to... nothing. After several attempts to have this defamation published online reviewed, the door remained closed and the threats of complaints rocketed on his Twitter account: we therefore decided to conduct a further investigation to write a full article on the practices of this gentleman and detail his real objectives..

This blog, if we can call it that, has therefore for vocation to judge true or false information generally taken from the news coming from all sides (the net or the media) and from all horizons (internationally) through Mr Daoust who signs the articles he disseminates and chooses the subjects to judge either as he pleases, or by proposal of Internet users via a dedicated form. But then, how does this individual judge false information better than others ? Is it a solid, reliable and profitable project?

To answer these questions, we must work on the pedigree of the publisher of the articles in question, and so controversial.

What is the professional background of Antoine Daoust, editor of Factandfurious.com :

We didn't have to dig far to find this individual's resume, a few Google searches have been sufficient on their own, all in typing his name. As indicated by the newspaper La Dépèche, for once, rather solid media where it seems to be the subject of an interview as part of a article (when he was not yet a self-proclaimed journalist): Antoine, would be a former soldier aged 36, living in Colomiers and converted during his second career in the creation of a site after we quote " follow-up of Youtube tutorials ». According to another document entitled "the lies of the blogger Daoust", very precise and detailed and incriminating against the latter, he would even have been a coffee boy recently, which is said long on the journey of an individual claiming to be a fast-checker, and who judges with unfounded arguments the veracity of the course of others without looking at his own which is just the opposite of his current activity (let's not go too fast, let's leave the details for the rest).

That first site, whose merits he praised so much in 2019 was called " Famous Videos Magazine (FVM)) : failure to succeed or change projects, we will not know more since for the time being, the site whose activity we describe opposite to since disappeared. To summarize, his objective was not to judge and deal with current topics as he does "currently" but apparently to help new Youtubers by putting them forward via his "self-taught analyses". Indeed, it aimed to make theses in the form of articles for Youtube videos that are out of the ordinary in order to highlight new talents who would supposedly be drowned in the algorithm of Youtube and therefore remain invisible: " I write four to five a day. For the moment it is not profitable, the site is not yet recognized enough, but I leave myself until November to try to earn a decent income from my work " he explained at the time. He also promised himself, if we refer to the article, to make money with this project in " placing advertisements on its site ».

After a stinging failure, since the site seems to have closed its doors as indicated above, Anthony, former soldier converted into computer science by having followed Youtube tutorials does not get angry, since it comes to him a genius idea for his third professional retraining : If analyzing Youtube videos to highlight new geniuses does not interest anyone, why not analyze current information? This is where'he continued his efforts to create the platform « Fact And Furious ", without ever losing hope.

The question that everyone is asking at this stage, will he succeed in generating revenue from this ambitious new project...

Fact &Furious wants to make a place for itself among the media to capture clicks and generate revenue :

Things always come in threes you would tell us. Like the idea capture clicks by giving credibility to so-called new talents that Youtube would not have been able to detect through its algorithm much more complex than a simple human brain did not work, Will the idea of judging personalities and dealing with current issues as a "new journalist" have its little effect? ? Nothing is compromised yet since for the moment, Antoine knows the motto: "Impossible is not French". Even when we have a background on Linkedin that is not glorious and far from the profile of a Fact Checker journalist, we could not have found better :

The first element that catches the eye when opening his platform is the incredible number of themes that this single person wants and claims to be able to treat, just go see the categories at the bottom of the page of the site factandfurious.com, you will find there : Instant Critique Archive / Opinion pieces / Brief / Right of reply / Investigations / Fact-checking / Special edition / Interviews / Portraits of Conspiracy Theorists / Stands / Videos... and the icing on the cake "Presidential 2022". The list is just huge, and truth be told, has first seen and for a former soldier, converted in a second time in the creation of a site that has not lasted then in his third career journalism, the height of the challenge is decidedly more to prove...

We therefore find, in the Fact And Furious's digital jungle, a whole bunch of articles so we will do a fast checking ourselves in a second time, as the work is pushed (joke). Part of the news articles (not to say all) would have been the simplest in the world from the news (quiproquo - not to say plagiarized) advent to be written again and then published on his site - unless the interested party is able to prove to us how he finds his evidence (if not through infused science, does he move to countries at war such as international journalists) - indeed, this one seems to have obtained through his professional career an extraordinary sense of criticism and analysis, like his self-mockery with arguments and a rhetoric as advanced as the number of categories it processes, nothing is good enough to capture clicks. If the site is still in its infancy, Antoine Daoust always has the same goal, to make advertising profits as can be seen in this image : Click HERE

All he has to do is contact Google AdSense since the advertising inserts are already ready, you would tell us, but before, we would have to find visitors. Below we will take our own example.

How Antoine Daoust tries to capture the click, using the effect of buzz and defamation :

Let's not forget one thing, if the click sells (we can easily buy traffic), credulity cannot be bought but spreads.

A magnificent article was published less than 48 hours after the passage of Mr Mousslie Idris during a program on the theme of Cyber Security in connection with the war between Russia and Ukraine. In this article, much shorter than the number of categories on his site, Antoine used the leverage effect 1, 2, 3 and all his intellectual skills in the matter to supposedly prove that Idris would not be an expert in Cyber Security. But what is the lever one two three? This simply does not exist, we mean by the that he put forward 3 totally non-factual arguments to arrive at a purely defamatory conclusion. But in your opinion, what are the arguments used by the latter to reach such a conclusion? :

1 - Idris has a LinkedIn page that is not maintained - imply that for him, this is an element that determines whether you are an expert in cyber security.

Don't see any connection with it? Neither do we.

2 - Antoine questioned the brilliant expert "Robert Baptiste" to ask him about Idris' intervention on TPMP, he would have judged that"Cybersecurity expert is a portmanteau word often used in the media to simplify things." or "There are many specialties in cybersecurity, such as the study of malware on Windows or mobile, incident response, investigation, SIEM (Security Information Event Management) in SOCs (Security Operations Center) etc.." - Roger simply ignores that the public does not seek to enter a conference on the study of Malware or SIEM, we even think that the public has nothing to do, and even less that of Touche Pas à Mon Poste. The public is Mr. and Mrs. everyone, they want to be informed and not to train, Grandpa and Grandma just want to understand, not in conference but in popularization.

3 - Our blog would have articles signed by the administrator of the site according to Daoust Antoine who supports his statements with screenshot of the source code (real exploit in terms of motor skills and computers?) of a page of one of our articles, I quote : the site administrator signs his blog posts with the site login ID. - you still can't find the link between the deduction of NON Idris is not an expert in Cyber Security and the points put forward to reach its conclusion? To tell you the truth, neither do we.

Note that in the'Fact And Furious article, written only 24 hours after the passage antenna d'Idris on TPMP to attract a maximum of telespecitters in record time and which was edited 4x due to a lack of rigor and arguments (he himself attests to this in the end of the latter) - be careful when opening the site, a popup trying to extract money from you under the pretext of remaining independent may sting your eyes (as if this blog was the last bulwark against fake news and would not spread it itself) - Antoine Daoust affirms, and does not go out of style that on March 11 at 3:44 pm: "Contacted by email, the latter did not respond to our requests." - His e-mail was sent the day before, on March 10 in the late afternoon, less than 24 hours after publishing such an absurdity before giving us a right of reply (to which we did not respond but he knew how to cut 2 sentences of an exchange with Idris on Facebook, 2 sentences of course taken out of context and without our agreement) before answering us by e-mail that "for any other contact, we should see with our lawyer".

As if that wasn't enough, he adds "The head of communication of the C8 channel did not respond to our requests.": pass us the desire to laugh, the manager must contact Mr Daoust less than 24 hours before he posts his article? Is Fact And Furious of such paramount importance? - The C8 channel deals with hundreds of topics a day and not a Fast Checking blog - short of arguments, the interested party really does not know what to write anymore.

To top it all off, following the receipt by registered mail of a formal notice from our law firm, Antoine Daoust did not hesitate to publish several tweets threatening to file a complaint, but also other intimidating and incriminating against Idris, the whole thing was done and programmed to attract a maximum of Internet users to his Twitter page and then redirect them to his site, just in his Tweet he would accuse us of wanting to censor or intimidate him, but we claim a right of rectification for defamation, as evidenced by our letter of bailiff (in other words that he must be more than happy with the number of Likes he gets by defaming us on the mediatized buzz for the first time in his life) :

Antoine Daoust could explain to us on what elements he intends to base a complaint following the receipt of a letter from a bailiff who reminds him of the following articles (article that himself speaks of the freedom of the press as well as his tweet) - or confirm that he benefits from the effect of buzz :

In accordance with article 29 of the Law of 29 July 1881 on freedom of the press, any allegation or imputation of an act that undermines the honour or consideration of the person or body to whom the act is imputed is defamation. The direct publication or by way of reproduction of such allegation or imputation is punishable, even if it is made in doubtful form or if it targets a person or body not expressly named, but whose identification is made possible by the terms of the speeches, shouts, threats, writings or printed matter, placards or posters incriminated..

The offence is constituted only if the person concerned can be identified. Article 29 of the Law of 29 July 1881 specifies that the person must not be expressly named but be identifiable. It is not necessary for the victim to be identifiable by a large number of people. The offence is constituted when a small circle identifies the person concerned. Public defamation is punishable by 1 year in prison and a €45,000 fine.

The denigration of products or services is an act regularly condemned on the basis of Article 1240 of the Civil Code on civil liability. Under this article, I would like to remind you that any act of man which causes damage to others obliges the person through whose fault he has come to repair it..

Fortunately, some reactions in response to his tweets tarnish the credulity of some Internet users bewitched by the meaningless content that his article has propagated. :

Following his many threats via Twitter, always with the aim of capturing traffic to redirect Internet users to his site, some have wondered about the nature of this first Tweet threatening Idris with complaint, without receive of answers. We even point out the fact that Antoine Daoust, manager of the site factandfurious.com and responsible for the defamatory article would have deleted a large part of the unpleasant comments of his Tweet to leave only the comments of gullible people. A young Internet user of 16 years even had the misfortune to terrorize him (would he have annoyed Mr. Daoust?) in front of his more than 10,000 Subscribers because he simply asked for the reason for the "complaint" instead of asking for the reason for the "formal notice" that Mr. Mousslie Idris sent through a law firm against Fast &Furious, we show you the answer of this individual of 20 years his senior, it is distressing (click here to see the tweet) - if it is done delete, here is the screenshot :

It is unlikely that a real journalist, with a minimum of professionalism, would have dared to address such crude terms in public, in front of all his subscribers to a minor of 16 years for so little... Childish behavior worthy of an unstable person and not worthy of this kind of profession.

Conclusion: Can we rely on Fact &Furious?

The site has potential, the idea too, but the publisher uses deceitful methods to achieve his ends: his professional career and his CV do not give him credit either as a journalist, and even less "Fast Checker"". His motivations seem more financial than informative from the tragic experience that the article above reflects, it must be said that it is not a journalistic light: all its remains unglorious for someone who wants to break into this sector of activity. We will therefore do without giving a formal opinion on the platform, and its creator, nevertheless, one thing is to remember: when it is free, you are the customer. Remember, Antoine Daoust indicated to the press newspaper The carriage during his interview in 2019 that he hoped to make income from his first site thanks to the advertisements he would have broadcast on it. If the income is calculated at the rate of the number of Internet users who will read his articles, it is in his interest to capture the click, and quickly. For this, using tantalizing and news titles seems ideal, even if it means defaming (in the example case that we address through our article) in the same way that it is much easier to damage the reputation of others than to clean up your reputation. Our final advice will therefore come down to being wary of this kind of blog. Let us hope with all our hearts that he does not have to make a fourth professional reconversion following repetitive blunders that could lead him to a court decision against him..

With a little luck, Mr Antoine Daoust will come to bring us his right of reply through a [EDIT] of our article?

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